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Requirements for a US-based Series A

Jacob Mullins, partner at Shasta Ventures, recently published a relatively overlooked piece on LinkedIn, detailing how hot and demanding the VC funding market in San Francisco - one of the top venture spots in the world - really is. While these numbers may seem astronomical from a local perspective they do give a good impression [...]

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Not on the map

This graph from a great report by (link below) caught our eye recently. UK, Germany, France and Israel receive over 70% of all VC financing in Europe. But on an even more disconcerting note – Poland didn’t even make it on the list! We work hard every day to help polish tech entrepreneurs find the [...]

February, 2019|Categories: VC ecosystem|

Venture Partner from San Francisco joins Movens Capital

Movens Capital announces a new partnership with Ramon Jimenez. Jimenez is joining the firm as a Venture Partner and as an advisor to help build value within the existing and future portfolio companies on their international expansion into the U.S. market. “We are very pleased to have Ramon join the Movens Capital team.” said Artur Banach, [...]

February, 2019|Categories: Movens updates|

PitchBook’s European Venture Report for 2018 is out

There is no better way to gain insight into the European VC funding scene than the latest edition of PitchBook’s European Venture Report. The 2018 edition unpacks a year that saw median deal sizes continue to climb against a waning deal count, a lack of €1 billion+ exits despite the year's keenness for liquidity, and expanding [...]

February, 2019|Categories: VC ecosystem|

Movens Capital and CCC join forces

Movens Capital’s mission is to support founders with a passion to build fast-growing tech companies. In many cases you can fail because of what is called a startups’ "Valley of Death" - the difficulty of covering negative cash flow in the early stage, before your new product is bringing in revenue from real customers. That's why [...]

February, 2019|Categories: Movens updates|

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