Movens Capital’s mission is to support founders with a passion to build fast-growing tech companies. In many cases you can fail because of what is called a startups’ “Valley of Death” – the difficulty of covering negative cash flow in the early stage, before your new product is bringing in revenue from real customers. That’s why we are big fans of solid acceleration programmes.

We are happy to announce, that MC became a partner (alongside Microsoft, Oracle, Inovo, Market One Capital and Sescom) of retail aCCCelerator (, that is backed by CCC.

Created to speed up the development and adoption of innovative ideas and products dedicated to help customers and fashion retailers, the programme will offer young companies a chance to test out their ideas with CCCs specialists, customers, and to fast-track the time-to-market.

aCCCelerator is focused on areas covering:

  • Advanced analytics and AI
  • Store operations and technology
  • Logistics and warehouse operations
  • Footwear materials and production
  • Process robotics and automatization
  • Mobile and ecommerce solutions

CCC is one of the largest and fastest growing footwear chains in Europe with a presence in 23 countries and 15% share of sales from eCommerce.

If you are interested in joining the programme feel free to contact us directly via