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Selected companies we built up, invested in or supported:

Sector: medical devices
Description: The leading AI-powered stethoscope in Europe. The solution is specifically aimed at parents of children with #asthma (almost 10% of all kids in EU).
Entry date: Q2 2020

Sector: eCommerce / open source
Description: Vue Storefront develops open–source framework that provides shopping experiences like native apps and boosts site performance
Entry date: Q4 2020

Sector: Childcare and early childhood education
Description: The Village is a platform providing tools for anyone to run a physical micro-school. The ‘villages’ are education and childcare programs for 5-25 children aged 1-5.
Entry date: Q2 2021

Sector: AI Platform for the Deep Learning in Virtual Reality for any Computer Vision applications
Description: SKY ENGINE AI platform allows creating digital twin of a drone, robot or UAV and putting it through testing and AI training in virtual environment prior to real-world deployment. SKY ENGINE AI provides more affordable, faster, and in many cases, the only way to train AI algorithms for Computer Vision.

Sector: Healthcare
Description: It’s the next generation of the virtual clinic, helping any doctor build a subscription-based private practice. The company’s goal is to give everyone direct access to a private doctor, with the aim of restoring the trusted doctor-patient relationship as the foundation of healthcare.
Entry date: Q3 2021

Sector: edtech
Description: a marketplace for teaching children and teenagers programming (block programming and python). The company’s unique advantage is its own learning platform, which is already used in a free model by 300k+ children and several thousand teachers.

Sector: marketplace
Description: A mobile and online app marketplace that brings together more than 200 local merchants with exceptional cuisine, operating in PL and Germany(Berlin). The software lets users to order from numerous local retailers in one cart and have it eco-delivered to their houses.
Entry date: Q2 2022

Sector: SaaS-enabled marketplace
Description: SaaS-enabled marketplace that links companies with a synchronized workforce equipped with the proper tools and processes to accomplish high-volume projects with exceptional quality. Use cases include data annotation (picture, video, text, audio), smart transcription, data collecting, and data validation.
Entry date: Q3 2022

Sector: B2B SaaS
Description: : software that firms advertise and sell their products with better demos. Pre-sales, sales, marketing, and customer success teams utilize Demoboost to create, distribute, and track product demos.
Entry date: Q2 2022

Sector: DevOps, Digital Twin
Description: : Trusted Twin is a developer platform that enables real-time data sharing among partners. It provides a complete data-sharing layer, allowing developers to focus on building applications and core functionalities without worrying about infrastructure. Trusted Twin takes care of non-functional but mission-critical issues related to reliability, availability, and scalability, reducing development time and cost.
Entry date: Q1 2022

Please find below a selection of companies that we (as MC or previously as individuals) have built up, invested in or supported in managerial or advisory roles:

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Please find below a selection of companies that we (as MC or previously as individuals) have built up, invested in or supported in managerial or advisory roles:

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