During our live webinars we’ll help you learn:

  1. The art and science of pricing
  2. Pricing as a tool – how to apply it to:
    • get new Customers
    • boost existing Customer base
    • keep Customers you want to keep
    • (and politely get rid of the ones you don’t want to have)
  3. Business concept monetization – how to monetize in your business?
  4. Good, better, best approach & its application in real life:
    • Will it work for your business
    • How to best create several tiers of packages
    • How to structure the amount of quality items included & price levels
  5. Pricing models
    • Which one is best for you
    • How to build your own pricing model
    • How to optimize your pricing every day
  6. Customer segmentation & buying personas
    • Which segments to focus on?
    • What pricing model to apply for each relevant customer segment?
    • How to capture the entire willingness to pay for each segment?
  7. Pricing metrics
    • Why & how to replace pricing per user (if you are using it)
    • What are the other value metrics & how to leverage them
    • How to combine various value metrics
  8. Value argumentation
    • How to avoid price being the only selling argument
    • How to create potential to enforce price premium
    • How to charge more & still keep the customers happy
  9. Most common pricing challenges faced by start-ups & how to handle them



How will it work?

  • Each session we’ll be proceeded by a pre-read or preparation assignment.
  • As a follow-up, there’ll be a homework to let you to apply gained know-how.
  • You will have a direct access to our experienced pricing gurus.
  • Each participant will get a certificate of completion.
  • Max 30 persons per session!


What you get, again?

  • 15+ years of pricing experience relevant to your business packaged into 4 x 1.5h
  • No “air” and fluffy staff, only relevant concrete know-how
  • Pragmatic & proven approaches & tools – ready to apply immediately
  • Answers to all most typical startup challenges
  • Pricing tips & tricks making you live easier


Are you ready for it?